Want to have a great relationship with your child and a purpose-filled career that allows you to generate a substantial income with a flexible schedule to spend plenty of time with your kids?

Jolette Jai, Founder of The Jai Institute For Parenting,
Invites You to Become A Parenting Coach


Apply Now for Your Fastest Way to A Prosperous Parenting Career Discovery Session

During your complimentary Discovery Session Interview, a member of our Enrollment Team will help you:

  1. Define your most important parenting goals.
  2. Determine if Parent Coaching is for you.
  3. Decide upon the fastest way of achieving your goals.

We believe that Parent Coaching is sacred work and parenting one of the highest spiritual practices on the planet. For this reason, we take great care in making sure that you are aligned with our philosophies and that you would be a fit for either our Parent Coach Training Program or our Ultimate Parent Success Course.

To see if you qualify, please answer these questions below and we will review your answers. If you qualify, you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule a session with a member of our Enrollment Team.


Please do not apply here:

*If you are not planning to show up for your Discovery Session Interview.

*If you are not prepared or able to invest in your and your family’s transformation.

*If you are not ready to really look at yourself and be honest about your parenting. We do deep transformational work and we only accept those who are willing to be vulnerable, thoughtful, conscious, and self-reflective.

We look forward to talking with you soon!





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