Your Child Is Not Bad

Those socks aren’t going on your child’s feet.  Period.  It’s going to be one of those days….maybe even one of those weeks.  You can just feel it.  It seems as if your child… Continue Reading

Your Child is an Alien

We sat in silence, not saying a word.  At the base of Himalayas, in a small village in this man’s barren backyard, on wooden boxes, sipping tea.  I’ll never forget that feeling. Neither… Continue Reading

A Bit Personal....

It’s not something that many people would wish for. I remember when the wish first started….sunrise I was on the phone with a client and realized all at once that I was packed… Continue Reading

Is Silence Really All That Golden?

I can’t help but think about the death of Whitney Houston these past few days since her passing and wonder what she was really needing in those last moments. I work with so… Continue Reading

Can Parenting Be A Partnership?

I used to think that I had to do it all by myself.  By ‘it’, I mean just about everything.  I used to think that everything was up to me and I never… Continue Reading
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