Spending Enough Time With Your Child?

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. –Michael J. Fox Tick. Tock. As a parent, we all are acutely aware that time is our most precious resource. Every day it feels like… Continue Reading

How To Rock As A Role Model For Your Children

I strongly believe we need to re-examine our role as parents. DOES DISCIPLINE=PARENTING? There is a huge misconception out there; way too many people believe that discipline is the essence of parenting.  … Continue Reading

Why Parenting Books Alone Won’t Cut It

My friend Karen had read every parenting book on the planet. But despite the thousands of pages of advice, she and her husband found themselves in a constant war with their high-spirited 4… Continue Reading

Self-Esteem: 5 Proven Steps To Build Your Child's Self Confidence

“The challenge in self-esteem is to value one’s existence when it’s not valued by others, to believe in oneself when doubted by others, to accept oneself when judged by others.” -Gordon Nuefeld, Hold… Continue Reading

Finding Calm-- What To Do When Your Child Just Doesn’t Listen

Diane was at a playground with her 3 year-old son, Steve. She sat on a bench happily chatting with another mom while Steve played peacefully with another child his age. All of a… Continue Reading

He just wanted to kick me in the ‘weiner’….

The insights and awakenings in my son never cease to amaze me. Before starting this work over 5 years ago now, I would have seen the situation that happened tonight so differently. Yet,… Continue Reading


Having dinner with a friend last week who has this innate ability to tap into the present moment and appreciate it so much that you tend to forget somehow that anything else exists… Continue Reading

What You May Not Know About Me

I had a quantum mindshift about 2 ½ years ago that completely changed the course of my life and parenting. I had just ended a six-year marriage that was incredibly challenging,  moved into… Continue Reading

Is Silence Really All That Golden?

I can’t help but think about the death of Whitney Houston these past few days since her passing and wonder what she was really needing in those last moments. I work with so… Continue Reading

What’s Really Running Through Your Child’s Mind?

A few days ago, my son really, really wanted to win.  We were playing a game and he had set himself up to win.  Completely put all of his energy into winning.  Ever… Continue Reading
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