How can you talk with your children about our new President?

We are living in a revolutionary time that we have never before seen in our history. So, how do we communicate all of this with our children? Join me for our Day 11… Continue Reading

Can Co-Parenting Be Blissful?

Have you ever wondered what is the secret to a successful co-parenting relationship? Join me and one of our very first Parenting Coaches, Linda Beneventi, for our Day 10 of our 21 Day… Continue Reading

Parenting wake-up call…when your child calls you with an addiction

I was so incredibly moved hearing Kim’s story about her son and how she helped him with his addiction… Join me and our wondrous Parenting Coach, Kim Meunch, for our Day 9 of… Continue Reading

Falling down on the floor laughing…

Aren’t those the best moments…when you completely fall down on the floor laughing with your child? Join me and one of our newest Parenting Coaches, Mia Treakle, for our Day 8 of our… Continue Reading

Are boundaries really all that important for your child?

Ok, so does your child REALLY need you to be setting boundaries everywhere? Join me and one of our insightful Parenting Coaches, Carole Downing, for our Day 7 of our 21 Day Dive… Continue Reading

Debunking the myth that your child doesn’t want to cooperate with you

Did you know that your child really DOES want to cooperate with you, even during what seem to be the MOST challenging moments? Join me and one of our most insightful Parenting Coaches,… Continue Reading

What can you do when you’re triggered by your child’s ‘disobedience’?

What if you could abolish your emotional triggers to your child once and for all? Join me and one of our most wondrous Parenting Coaches, Deb Blum, for our Day 6 of our… Continue Reading

What happens when your kids don’t need to seek your approval?

This is gonna seem a bit counter-intuitive and against what many of us have been taught about parenting…but stay with me… Because this just may be the SINGULAR MOST IMPORTANT SHIFT that you’ll… Continue Reading

Your long-awaited radical momma vacay…

What if you really took a looooong moment to unplug from it all to rejuvenate? It may seem radical… Join me and one of our most rockin’ Parenting Coaches, Lisa Smith, for our… Continue Reading

Do your needs really matter?

Do you really think that how you’ve been parented from your past as a childhood effects your parenting now? Join me and our beloved Parenting Coach, Desiree Ferrari, for our Day 2 of… Continue Reading
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