You’re not gonna want this one to slip by…

Isn’t this one of the most wild and unbelievable times in history? After pulling myself away from the news post-election for enough time to realize that we still have a personal choice for… Continue Reading

What are you going to do with your one beautiful life?

Ever feel called from deep within to take an inspired action and go live your purpose? Whether you have or not, join me and our beloved Jai Parenting Coach, Linda Beneventi, who is… Continue Reading

Want an extraordinary relationship with your partner?

Have you ever wondered how you can, WITH A CHILD, have an extraordinary relationship with your partner? Join me and our beloved Jai Parenting Coach, Kylie Johnston, from New Zealand, as we delve… Continue Reading

What do we really need in these Trump times?

Are you wondering what you can do as a parent right now to improve your parenting? Join me and four of our beloved Jai Parenting Coaches from Arizona to Costa Rica for Day… Continue Reading

Can you be a strong stand against racism in your home?

Ever have the feeling that your parenting may just be the single greatest influence in your child’s life? Join me for our Day 17 of our 21 Day Dive into the Sacred Nature… Continue Reading

What if you did this one thing for your child during the U.S. Trump presidency?

I’ve been thinking ever since the election about how much we, as parents, can really show up for our children now. I can try to write something witty about all of this but… Continue Reading

Donald Trump will never do this for your child…

I believe you’re being divinely called as a parent now to do for your child what Donald Trump would never do… Join me for our Day 15 of our 21 Day Dive into… Continue Reading

Why is your child turning to you instead of Donald Trump?

I haven’t met a parent yet who doesn’t have big feelings about what is happening in the U.S. right now. And yet, you can cultivate a whole new practice to help your family… Continue Reading

Will Donald Trump do this for your family?

During this crucial time in our history, I believe that YOU as a parent can ultimately create the greatest vision for yourself and your family… Despite what the government is doing… Join me… Continue Reading

How to deal with political fear and panic in your home…

Have you been noticing feelings of fear and panic creeping in since the election? You may still be wondering how to get a handle on all that is happening in our world today.… Continue Reading
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