I am LAUNCHING my business. I just got home from meeting with my sons preschool teacher.  I am now set up for a parent evening talk next month and she is sending out an email offering my talk to other schools. I actually found myself thinking “Wow, I really am a parenting coach, this is actually what I do!”. ~ Carole Sarles Downing *(results may vary)

A big thank you for supporting me in a HUGE way in carving out my new path!
I so love our tribe!!! ~ RaghnildMaatlaSalomonsen *(results may vary)

I am forever changed after this experience! ~ Lisa Tammen Smith *(results may vary)

“Alive, empowered and connected in a way I’ve never experienced.” ~ Christina Schneider *(results may vary)

“I feel so bonded to the Tribe. Anything is possible!” ~ *(results may vary)

I already started coaching with all paying clients. We are reaching the core of the course. I am feeling inspired, empowered and proud! Thanks again to be growing so much in my life.
Cheers from Brazil! ~ Carolina Brancato *(results may vary)

Just finishing up with my first group and they are re-enrolling!!!!! There is magic happening, SO EXCITING!!!! There really are no words. THANK YOU!! ~ Rebecca Hansen *(results may vary)

I “suddenly” got referrals… And now, lo and behold: my first clients signed-on for another 10-week package and I have 2 completely new clients. This work and our training at Jai is sooo amazing, it will carry you to wherever you want to go. ~ Julika von Stackelberg-Addo *(results may vary)

Learning about peaceful parenting and the tools has literally changed my life! 8 weeks into my training I feel like a different person and I can feel my son and I connecting on a deeper level! ~ *(results may vary)

The Jai Institute is giving me the tools that I have always wanted as a parent but didn’t know how to put my hands on them. ~ *(results may vary)

I have been looking for a place to call home (work wise) for a while and I’ve found it.
A sincere Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for creating the Jai Institute! ~ *(results may vary)

I love what I do. I had always hoped that I would find another career that I would love and this has fulfilled me in ways that I never could have imagined. ~ Rebecca Hansen *(results may vary)

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the individual.

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