Are you parenting from fear or love?

Are you parenting from fear or love?

Have you noticed that parenting can bring up all sorts of real, authentic fears and intense love all at once?

Join me and our beloved Parenting Coach, Jen Perry, today for our Day 1 of our 21 Day Dive into the Sacred Nature of Parenting as we unearth the mystery behind parenting from fear vs. parenting from the heart.

In this first video, Jen and I discussed the Awakening of the Heart…and how you as a parent, can awaken different aspects of yourself that will help you parent more peacefully and more consciously.

As with anything in life, we have the choice between acting from fear or love. The same goes for parenting as Jen said beautifully:

“With parenting, one of the big questions is ‘Are you standing in a place of fear, where you’re really trying to wrangle and control everything – or are you standing in a place of love and heartfulness, where you’re in this flow and this relationship?'”

Watch the video to hear more from Jen about Awakening of the Heart and conscious parenting.

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