Falling down on the floor laughing…

Falling down on the floor laughing…

Aren’t those the best moments…when you completely fall down on the floor laughing with your child?

Join me and one of our newest Parenting Coaches, Mia Treakle, for our Day 8 of our 21 Day Dive into the Sacred Nature of Parenting as we awaken to this miraculous sense of all out PLAY.

Before becoming a parent, Mia thought she was very serious person. She didn’t engage very much in play. In fact, she would panic if left to look after another child because she didn’t know what to do. “I did not speak the language of play,” she said.

Through her parent coach training, she started to work through her own limiting beliefs, and started feeling free. She learned to let go and completely be in the moment…and suddenly she was having so much fun with her children.

Parenting really can be fun!