What can you do when you’re triggered by your child’s ‘disobedience’?

What can you do when you’re triggered by your child’s ‘disobedience’?

What if you could abolish your emotional triggers to your child once and for all?

Join me and one of our most wondrous Parenting Coaches, Deb Blum, for our Day 6 of our 21 Day Dive into the Sacred Nature of Parenting as we discover how to heal your past hurts that may just be effecting your parenting every day.

As Deb and I discussed the topic of Awakening to Healing Past Hurts, we talked a lot about being triggered…

Many of us tend to be triggered by our kids – but it’s never really about them. It’s typically a reaction to past hurt that we haven’t resolved within ourselves.

I asked her to explain what a “trigger” is. Here’s what she had to say:

“A trigger shows up when you kind of lose your patience and your temper…and maybe you want to yell at your child…or just escape to another room…you really get transported into a time when you got hurt…and it’s really not about your present.”

Does this sound familiar? Watch the video about to hear our full conversation – and learn how to let go of these past hurts and emotional triggers.