Can Co-Parenting Be Blissful?

Can Co-Parenting Be Blissful?

Have you ever wondered what is the secret to a successful co-parenting relationship?

Join me and one of our very first Parenting Coaches, Linda Beneventi, for our Day 10 of our 21 Day Dive into the Sacred Nature of Parenting as we awaken to the reality of co-parenting from the inside out.

Linda had an amazing breakthrough a couple years after she separated from her ex-husband. After dealing with the grief, she was able to take 100% accountability for how she shows up in her relationship with him…and go back to having pure love for him.

And since then, her children have been thriving!

“I feel so deeply, that yes, we made this really tough decision for our family. But I feel that we are better parents apart, and our children get the best of both of us. And they are thriving.”

Isn’t that amazing?! Hear more of her story in the short video above.