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Want to have a great relationship with your child and a purpose-filled career that allows you to generate a substantial income with a flexible schedule to spend plenty of time with your kids?

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There are over 148 million parents in the United States alone — and they need you!

Nearly all of us were raised in a dominant parenting style that employs tactics known to cause disconnection and frustration between parent and child (more on this below!). What if you could master the transformational parenting style that enriches connection while developing the coaching skills to help parents implement these techniques and transform their relationships?

You could make the difference between parents being frustrated and guilt-ridden, and parents experiencing a rich, life-long connection to their children.

Your rewarding and highly profitable carreer as a Parenting Coach awaits you!

but YOU can make a difference!

You may be overworked and stressed out, but you remain committed to being the best parent you can be. That is why parents spend billions on family counseling, therapy, parenting books, ANYTHING to help stop the strife and enjoy true connection with their kids.

Would you enjoy the experience of working from your home or office on your timeline, with no boss, earning as much as you choose while massively impacting the quality of parent and child relationships for all your clients?

If the answer is YES, then the Jai Institute For Parenting has a place for you in the upcoming Parent Coach Training Program.

Become A Champion For The Magical Relationship Between Parent And Child...

You are invited to apply for the Parent Coach Training Program which has been designed to empower you with the skill set to teach comprehensive parenting techniques built on a foundation of authenticity, values and communication.

The information you will master in this program gives you the skill set to transform parent-child relationships by systematically providing meaningful and sustainable results for your clients.

Our curriculum is provided to empower you to attract the clients you want at the price point you deserve! That part is easy because parents in strife with their kids will find the coaching you provide to be PRICELESS!


Why the Dominant Parenting Paradigm No Longer Works.

Dominant Parenting Paradigm Infographic

See What Graduates Are Saying About Life After This Training...

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the individual.


Linda Beneventi
*(results may vary)


Kristin Watts
*(results may vary)


Carole Downing
*(results may vary)


Lisa Smith
*(results may vary)

What Exactly Will You Have to Master to Become a Parenting Coach?

You will be mastering the art of transforming parenting from an increasingly difficult power struggle to a powerful bond that grows along with the child.

Your enrollment counselor will review the course itinerary with you in detail, but here are just some of the foundational practices you’ll soon be teaching to your clients...


  • Establishing trust between parent and child
  • Ensuring children feel safe, secure and cared for on a core level
  • Releasing parents from unconscious, limiting, stressful and regrettable parenting patterns that serve neither them or their precious children
  • Becoming a clear and confident parent with whom their children WANT to cooperate
  • Building a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation
  • Increasing a child’s ability to learn while ensuring their future happiness and confidence
  • Developing a relaxed, calm, centered parenting style
  • Modeling healthy relationships for children
  • Setting limits PEACEFULLY without having to resort to punishments and consequences
  • Embracing authenticity by letting go of who they think they should be
  • Creating instant connection with children when they need parents most (HINT: during breakdowns and tantrums!)


  • Complete online parent training system to use with your clients along with your Parent Coaching so that you can leverage your time and increase your client base
  • How to work one-on-one with clients to create stellar results that naturally lead to referrals
  • Coaching to assist you in enrolling clients for both private and group classes as well as introductory workshops
  • Developing packages and pricing that works for your ideal clients
  • Conscious selling that works without the “ick” factor!

Goodbye guilt, hello rewarding career!

If you are struggling between the need to provide income for your family, to feel like you are contributing to the world, AND still be a stellar parent to your child...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I have been right there with you! I was a single mom struggling to provide for my son and struggling even harder against a deep knowing in my heart that he was experiencing a tired, frustrated, worn out version of me. Worst of all, I wore a suit of GUILT everyday because I knew he needed the real me, the me that thrives on our love and connection, on our bond.

When I first encountered the foundational material that led to the full blown development of the paradigm-shifting curriculum provided here at the Jai Institute For Parenting, the guilt got even heavier because I saw clearly that I was crippling the relationship I was most committed to developing. But…I got through it, even the parts that sounded like they would leave our lives and our home in total chaos. The shifts in BOTH my son and I were so miraculous, they gave us a whole new way of relating that blows my mind to this day.

Once you experience the way parent and child relationships can be, you can never go back! As a matter of fact it will be PAINFUL to see parents talking down to their children, to see them strip the connection and trust using the tactics of fear and control that, unfortunately, were passed down to them from their parents. Your new skill set will empower you to coach families toward a new level of love and cooperation so gracefully that both parents and children will be proud of the changes.

The world is waking up to a new level of connection and abundance. Parenting styles developed in The Depression Era no longer resonate with the elevated children we are blessed to have the pleasure of raising. They are ready for something deeper, more trust-building, more connected. Are you? If so, I invite you to try the learnings we share at the Institute in your home. Once you do, I suspect that you (like me) will look forward to EVERY client call or group session, to guiding parent after parent toward a new way of relating with their children.

When you become a Parenting Coach, you amplify love and connection — and reduce friction and fear. If there is one thing I’d change about this program, it would be to require the coaches to wear capes, because in my mind they are the new heroes of modern family life.

Be a Parenting Coach.

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It's so worth it.

Even highly trained professionals have left their careers for the financially and emotionally rewarding field of parent coaching.

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the individual.

“As a pediatrician, I felt GUILTY all the time. Guilty my kids were in daycare, guilty I wasn’t finding my career as fulfilling as I thought it “should” be, guilty for yelling at my kids at the end of every day. That cycle changed the day I enrolled in the Parent Coach Training Program. This work is so life changing that I chose to leave my clinical practice to focus on REALLY making a difference in the lives of children.”
Tiffanie Noonan*

*(results may vary)

“My experience with the Jai Process was so powerful that I have transitioned out of the classroom and have dedicated myself to working exclusively with committed parents, teachers, and mentors to create deeply-connected, long lasting relationships with their children.”
Mariah Joy*

*(results may vary)

More from our graduates around the world...

“The Jai Institute has helped me see the big picture of parenting and then put tools in my hands to manage the day to day parenting in a fun and fulfilling way!”

“I wanted to reach out and say a sincere Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for creating the Jai Institute! I am so grateful to you. Learning about peaceful parenting and the tools has literally changed my life! Eight weeks into my training I feel like a different person and I can feel my son and I connecting on a deeper level! The Jai Institute is giving me the tools that I have always wanted as a parent but didn’t know how to put my hands on them. The Jai Institute has helped me understand my past, do some healing around my childhood and understand my goals as a parent. The Jai Institute has helped me see the big picture of parenting and then put tools in my hands to manage the day to day parenting in a fun and fulfilling way!”

Lisa Smith*
Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

*(results may vary)

“This has a ripple effect.”

“The largest impact I have experienced through this program is the shift in the relationship with my children. The feeling of connection and working together as compared to me “dictating” over them is so much more natural and eliminates tension on many levels. . . [and] has opened space for more fun, laughter and play . . . The joy and richness I have experienced as a parent is beyond words; and just as I think it cannot get better, I notice ways in which it does. This has a ripple effect.”

Jennifer Winzeler*
Health and Wellness Coach

*(results may vary)

“...I see with new eyes now”

“The Jai Institute for Parenting’s Parent Coach Training Program has not only transformed my parenting it has transformed every aspect of my life. It has just really helped me come full circle because I see with new eyes now.”

Kristen Watts*
Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

*(results may vary)

“You see the transformation with your kids in your own home.”

“There are really no words to describe the connection that you really start to have with your children when you get the tools through coaching. You get deeper into that work when you become a parenting coach. The market is there. You see the transformation with your kids in your own home and then, you can definitely see it in others.”

Danielle Backers*
Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

*(results may vary)

Teaching is the fastest path to mastery!

If you are feeling like you would thrive as a well-paid coach helping families experience this level of love and connection, BUT…you’re not there yet in your own relationship with your child DON’T WORRY! That is simply a sign that you are a person of high integrity, someone who wants to walk their talk.

The best “side effect” of the material you will master in the Parent Coach Training Program is that you will enjoy massive shifts in your own relationships because you are teaching this during your selected work hours. And…the shifts are not JUST with your child! The up-leveled communication and compassion you’ll practice during the 24 week training shifts relationships with spouses, parents, co-workers and more.

Here is just one example from a graduate...

“My husband and I were ready to separate and all was going really bad. He moved out of the house. I started to listen to the meditations in my Parent Coach Training Program every day. We started to talk again. He moved back home. And I’ve already started coaching with all paying clients. We are reaching the core of the course. I am feeling inspired, empowered and proud.”

Carolina Brancato*
Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach, Brazil

*(results may vary)

You will enjoy the learning and integration of the teachings here at the Institute during the course as you practice with your colleagues and then implement in your own home. As you start coaching families and your practice grows your days are filled with you LIVING these practices. When you connect with your own family after work, applying this connected parenting style becomes effortless because it's simply an extension of who you are at “work”.


The First Step to a Profitable and Rewarding Career as a Parent Coach

The role of Parenting Coach can only be played by caring, patient, accepting individuals. If you know deep down, under all the mom (or dad) guilt and stress of your current situation, that this could be you, and if you see the value you can provide by joining a movement to elevate parenting and improve family dynamics then you deserve to connect with our enrollment counselor.

Ready to take the first step?

Complete this short and simple application to get the conversation started.


When you do, we’ll reach out to you to connect about your options for completing this paradigm shifting course that offers you a rewarding career as a parenting coach and a place in the movement to change parenting for the better around the world.

You are about to learn a whole new skill set including...


Improved Communication

Mastering a different communication model (which will benefit ALL relationships, not just the parent-child connection!)


Deeper Compassion

Creating compassion for self, for parent, and for child.


Clarifying Core Values

Understanding how to help families create their core values and respectfully hold each other to them.


Clearing House

Assisting parents in releasing beliefs that no longer serve them or their children.


Crafting Environments

Creating an environment of acceptance and unconditional love.


Keeping Calm

Guiding parents to support their children even in the chaotic moments of their fits and tantrums.

Not to mention...


Business Startup Sense

A crash course in getting your own coaching business up and running right away.

Explore This Financially And Emotionally
Rewarding Career Risk Free

The Jai Institute For Parenting stands 100% behind this Parent Coach Training Program. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within the first ten days of commencement of your Program, we will fully refund the cost of your Parent Coach Training Program minus a 5% cancellation fee for administrative costs.

Please notify us within the guarantee period by emailing if you have any concerns or to request a refund.

Your Rewarding Career Awaits

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