ATTENTION: Heart-Centered Parents from All Walks of Life – Become a Certified Parent Coach

Want to have a great relationship with your child and a purpose-filled career that allows you to generate a substantial income with a flexible schedule to spend plenty of time with your kids?

And YOU are invited to join the leading edge of raising thoughtful, happy, and well-adjusted kids. hands

Finally…. A program that actually teaches parents HOW to achieve the kind of relationships in their families that so many of the experts, authors and gurus are talking about.

After all, ideas are great but if we really want to change the way that children are raised, we’ve got to be able to teach parents HOW, step-by-step…


Let’s be honest… most parents are stressed, overwhelmed and worried about how they are raising their kids. We don’t feel confident as parents and we desperately want to rise to the occasion to be the parents that our children deserve.

Parenting, as we’ve known it, simply isn’t working.

If you’re ready to do something about this…. Read on.


You’re standing in line at the grocery store and there’s a mom in line ahead on you with a two-year-old. She asks him to stop running around, the frustration apparent in her voice. He’s two, so he doesn’t listen, and you can feel her frustration and exasperation building. She tells him “If you don’t stop this RIGHT now, I am going to put you in time out!” She yanks his little arm to pull him in close to the cart, and he starts to cry. And you just wish you could do something about it. Because, when you see a child being hurt, emotionally or physically, by the person who is supposed to love them the most… it simply breaks your heart. You’ve probably read a ton of books on parenting. Maybe you’ve even started a moms group, or worked in some way to help parents that you know tap into a more compassionate place with their children AND themselves. And when you go to a friend’s baby shower, and she receives a gift of a book on how to get her baby to sleep by letting her “cry it out,” you just want to cry.


Despite your best intentions, and despite your passion for creating this change in the world, and despite how much it hurts you when you see other parents acting at less than their best with their kids… sometimes, still, you just snap.

Maybe you yell at your kids, or you lash out. And you wish you knew how to control yourself. You tell yourself… “I need to do better… My kids deserve better


ALL of us have these dark mommy moments. We literally can’t help it, it’s based on brain science – we’ll get to that in just a moment…

There is a cycle at work here:


Many parents are trapped in this cycle and a large part of our process is about giving parents the tools and inner resources to break free from this reactive chain.

This is a deep and intimate process that literally changes the neural response when our children do things that trigger the frustration and anger response. The work that you will learn as a Jai Institute for Parenting coach-in-training will allow you to create a different way of parenting.

But for now, simply know that there is a way to create a new pattern for yourself and your family.

NOW you can learn how to access the deepest, most profound training and practices in child development.

Now, you can learn how to connect with and relate to your kids in a whole new way.

It’s about understanding and communicating instead of working to dominate & control.

Most parents want this, they just don’t have a clue

about how to get there.

This is where YOU come in

Parenting Coach Training Program

For the first time ever, it is more than possible to achieve success

with a meaningful business, without sacrificing the things that make life worth living.

(There’s one big key to this that we share with you below!!)

This work, especially, not only allows you to help others, but literally gives you the tools to be the best parent you can be for your own family and to create a thriving coaching practice with the same tools.

It’s about leadership.

It’s about change.

It’s about much, much more than earning money—it’s about making a difference.


Our coach training is a comprehensive, detailed, parent-centric program that provides you with the foundational knowledge, systems and processes to have meaningful and sustainable results with your clients.

You’ll see immediate results in your own family, as you learn to let go of the way you were parented, incorporate empathy and empowered conversations in all of your relationships and enjoy more fun and connection with the children in your life.

When we give parents the tools to heal their own experience of being parented, and then to create a strong foundation of authenticity, values and communication, children learn these same skills and beliefs through emulation. We empower parents AND children.

This same process has been used by hundreds of families around the world. After our training program is completed, you will feel confident in your capability to create transformation in families lives using the tools you have been given.

Best of all, you go through our program with a connected, supportive community. Many of our graduates are already out doing this work across the globe. And because we are so mission driven, we are very much a family that supports one another. We also hold each other accountable and believe that we all can will succeed in this mission.


Yes, you can. We can teach you to be the very best coach in the world. But, if you don’t know how to take this work into your community and attract clients, your greatness won’t matter!

That is why we includes sales training that works specifically for THIS business.

Unlike many marketing programs, this isn’t a “one size fits all” business training that you have to manipulate and reshape to fit this particular coaching business. No. You will learn exactly how to enroll the best clients for your business.

(The truth is that this work is SO needed. One of our coaches had a neighbor chase her down the driveway to find out when she was going to be finished with her training.)


  • doing work every day that changes something vital and important: the way that families relate, communicate and connect.
  • you are earning an income that supports your lifestyle, and gives you the flexibility to create work that supports your life, whether it’s summers off to be with kids, or working with people virtually all over the world.
  • that through this work you are connected to a thriving community of like- minded people who are passionate about changing the way that parenting is done.

There are women in this program who desire to do this full time, and we are working with them to generate full-time income as a parenting coach.

The program addresses the root of a family’s issue and is not a band-aid to cover up a symptom.There are women in this program who are homeschooling and simply want a client or two a month to bring in some income and do important work in the world.

And there are women in this program who may never work with a single client – but they want the best education and tools available today to profoundly change their own families.

No matter what your goals are, or how you want to incorporate this training into your life, we work with all of our coaches to create a mindset around sales and marketing that will allow you to embrace a new truth about offering your services to people, without ever feeling icky.

You’ll learn how to step out of your comfort zone, with loving support, and step into your self-worth and empowerment. We train our coaches to market themselves as a premium service, because the work is, quite frankly, priceless.

Charging premium rates is the secret to creating the flexibility that you desire… to be with your family, raise your children and have time for YOU that we talked about above. (This is the KEY factor that we hinted at!)


Ready?  Get started right now on your journey to Jai Parenting Breakthrough Program

A simple, powerful, effective process that guides you daily towards your new path as a Conscious, Peaceful Parent.

Phase I – Become the Ultimate Parent

In Phase I, you will work with our Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach and Lead Trainer as your own Parenting Coach within a group of like-minded parents to personally experience the transformation of the Jai Process for you and your family. In just 10 Weeks, less than 90 days!, you personally experience the entire process of transformation that allows deep connection, cooperation and peace of mind between you and your child.

Including: 10 LIVE weekly calls with your own Parenting Coach and Lead Trainer You will receive your Parenting Breakthrough Lesson each week, practice with your child and receive Breakthrough Parent Coaching, discussion and Q&A with fellow like-minded parents. Receive recordings from your live classes. Become a part of your Tribe of like-minded parents in our private FB group where you are connected to ask questions and participate in lively discussions about you and your new transformational relationship with your child. It is our belief that you will be the best coach you can be if you have the experience of being coached using our system. In this 10-week section you personally experience the entire process of transformation that you will soon be using with your own clients:

  • Establish trust with your child so that each of you can come to a new relationship from a solid foundation.
  • Make sure that your child feels safe, secure, and cared for on a core level.
  • Break free of unconscious, limiting, and stressful parenting patterns (that are causing you stress and disconnection with your child.)
  • Be a clear and confident parent with whom your child trusts and cooperates.
  • Know how to build your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation.
  • Increase your child’s ability to learn, while ensuring their future happiness and self-confidence.
  • Claim your family’s happiness and have the tools to mend the gap when things go wrong in the future.
  • Be a relaxed, calm and centered parent who models healthy relationships for your child.
  • Feel fulfilled, energized and empowered with your partner and other adults in your life.
  • Learn how to set limits peacefully without resorting to punishments and consequences.
  • Embrace authenticity as a parent so that you get to let go of who you think you should be as a parent and simply be who you are.
  • Create an instant connection with your child even during his worst tantrums.

Phase II – Become a Master Coach and Leader

In the second phase of your training, you will come together with your small group to learn how to coach clients through each of the 10 steps :

Your training includes:

  • How to work with clients one-on-one to effect the maximum results in connection, cooperation and leadership between parent and child.
  • How to lead workshops. You will work through each of the 10 steps of the process, except this time you will do so from your perspective as a coach.
  • A strong focus on role-playing and modeling as a Parent Coach and as a client.

Here is what we will cover in Phase II:

  • Philosophy of Peaceful Parenting
  • Re-defining Our Own Childhoods
  • Introducing Empathy and Peaceful Cooperation Within A Family
  • Incorporating Cooperation
  • Integration and Assessment

Phase III – The Jai Institute For Parenting Core Values AND Your Core Values

Tap into your deepest WHY, align your work with your values so your work as a Parenting Coach becomes an extension of your beliefs.

Discover what you want and who you want to serve through your business.

Stepping into Leadership – Enrolling Clients

  • Create value in your sales conversations whether a family decides to work with you or not.
  • Tap into your intuition to help your prospective clients come to the decision that will best support their desires.

Coaching From the Heart – Leading Workshops and Talks

  • Learn to give a talk that shares your message and sets you up as a leader.
  • Strategy and mindset of giving a talk that inspires, informs AND makes people want to work with you as their parenting coach.

Julika Von Stackelberg-Addo

I “suddenly” got referrals… And now, lo and behold: my first clients signed-on for another 10-week package and I have 2 completely new clients. This work and our training at Jai is sooo amazing, it will carry you to wherever you want to go.

Carolina Brancato

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach, Brazil

My husband and I were ready to separate and all was going really bad. He moved out of the house. I started to listen to the meditations in my Parent Coach Training Program every day. We started to talk again. He moved back home. And I’ve already started coaching with all paying clients. We are reaching the core of the course. I am feeling inspired, empowered and proud.

Tiffanie Noonan

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach,

“As a pediatrician I have my heart broken on a daily basis when I hear the way people talk to and about their children (while their kids are sitting two feet away). I believe we all WANT the best for our children, and often just don’t have the tools to do things differently. I’m committed to helping families have better relationships – to give me the tools to be able to do that am thrilled to be enrolled in The The Jai Institute For Parenting of Parenting Parent Coaching Program. We can change the world one family at a time. ”

Lisa Smith

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach,

“I wanted to reach and say a sincere Thank-you from the  bottom of my heart for creating the Jai Institute! I am so grateful to you. Learning about peaceful parenting and the tools has literally changed my life! Eight weeks into my training I feel like a different person and I can feel my son and I connecting on a deeper level! The Jai Institute is giving me the tools that I have always wanted as a parent but didn’t know how to put my hands on them. The Jai Institute has helped me understand my past, do some healing around my childhood and understand my goals as a parent. The Jai Institute has helped me see the big picture of parenting and then put tools in my hands to manage the day to day parenting in a fun and fulfilling way!”

Mariah Joy

Conscious Parenting Guide,

My experience with the Jai Process was so powerful that I have transitioned out of the classroom and have dedicated myself to working exclusively with committed parents, teachers, and mentors to create deeply-connected, long lasting relationships with their children and more peace and harmony in the home and classroom, because we teach what we most need to learn. When we receive, we are able to give from a place of fullness, a cup spilling over!’

Jennifer Winzeler

Health and Wellness Coach,

“The largest impact I have experienced through this program is the shift in the relationship with my children. The feeling of connection and working together as compared to me “dictating” over them is so much more natural and eliminates tension on many levels. . . [and] has opened space for more fun, laughter and play . . . “The joy and richness I have experienced as a parent is beyond words; and just as I think it cannot get better, I notice ways in which it does. This has a ripple effect. “

Kristen Watts

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

The Jai Institute for Parenting’s Parent Coach Training Program has not only transformed my parenting it has transformed every aspect of my life. It has just really helped me come full circle because I see with new eyes now.

Danielle Backers

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

There are really no words to describe the connection that you really start to have with your children when you get the tools through coaching. You get deeper into that work when you become a parenting coach. The market is there. You see the transformation with your kids in your own home and then, you can definitely see it in others.’


Reason #1: Our Process

Reason #2: Our Mindset Training

Reason #3: Our Community

Reason #4: Ongoing Support

You can spend years mulling things over, dreaming about a better life for you and your family and thinking of all of the reasons not to pursue your dreams. The truth is that it’s rarely, if ever, the perfect time.

It’s rare that the finances are just sitting around waiting for the day when you decide to invest in yourself. If you’re lucky – you’ve got people around you that support your dreams. But if they don’t – do they get to decide your future?

This work will change your life. And then you’ll change other people’s lives. You simply need to decide if this is for you.

Welcome to The Jai Institute for Parenting Coach Certification Program. Talk to you soon!”

P.S. We know this program works and drives tremendously powerful shifts in family dynamics. With families at the heart of peaceful communities, what is the cost to you of NOT going this program in 2014. How much time, how much new experiences will you miss out on by not starting today?

P.P.S. Build a thriving coaching practice AND re-create family life, for yourself and for the parents you bring into your coaching practice. Change your life. Join a thriving community of intelligent and passionate people. Change other’s lives.

Refund Policy Thanks so much for joining the Jai Institute For Parenting Parent Coach Training Program. We stand 100% behind the Parent Coach Training Program we offer and have the following Guarantee in place: Our Parent Coach Training Program has a  Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within the first ten days of commencement of your Program, we will fully refund the cost of your Parent Coach Training Program minus a 5% cancellation fee for administrative costs. Please notify us within the guarantee period by emailing if you have any concerns or to request a refund.