Our Philosophy

Parents are struggling. All around the world, parents know that they want to parent differently than they were parented. But many parents are so busy and overwhelmed, it’s difficult to garner the resources to change or even to begin to know how to start.

And the truth is, raising children is challenging. As parents, we want our children to thrive and to be happy, AND we want them to know how to behave in a restaurant. We want them to experience the joy and freedom of childhood AND, sometimes, we wish they’d just sit quietly in the back seat so that we can have a moment of peace.

Up until this point in history, children have primarily been seen as “less than.” The prevailing wisdom has been to use different forms of punishments and consequences to control our children, and get them to comply with our wishes for acceptable behavior through dominance.
We believe, quite strongly, that this method of parenting:

1) Is fundamentally damaging to the long term relationship between parent and child.
2) Limits the child’s ability to develop intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and empathy.
3) Fosters a deep need for approval, people pleasing and other dis-empowering belief systems as
children grow into their teenage years and adulthood.

Our process is based on brain science, communication, and empathy. Through our coaches, we work with families all over the world to give them the education and support to parent in a new way that is not about exerting control over our children, but rather is about creating authentic relationships that are built on a foundation of shared values.

Our Mission

It is our mission to train two hundred Parenting Coaches a year, so that our highly trained Parenting Coaches can effectively empower parents around the world to offer the next generation of children the means to grow up with self-confidence, self-worth, self-control and intrinsic motivation.

Our Parenting Coaches feel a deep sense of peace and confidence, knowing that they have done the work to bring their best efforts to their parenting.

Our coaches have the ability, every day, to impact the lives of parents and children in a way that will have lasting effects for generations to come.

About Us

Jolette Jai is the President and Founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting. After working for several years as a Parent Educator, Jolette discovered the missing link to creating lasting change within families, which lead to the creation of the 10-step Jai Process that our coaches and trainers use with families all around the world.

This process is the first of it’s kind, helping parents experience authentic, deep connection with their children while setting limits in a way that enhances the long- term relationship between parent and child.

Rather than the prevailing methodology of modifying children’s behavior, the Jai Process is parent-centric, giving parents tools to let go of the way that they were parented and to create a new, values-based foundation for their parenting.

Jolette has personally coached hundreds of families, and lead many workshops in and around Los Angeles, where she lives with her son, Gabriel. She is the co-author of Quality Time With Your Kids: The Simple Directions and the upcoming book, New Paradigm Parenting.

Linda Beneventi is our Lead Trainer at The Jai Institute for Parenting. Linda is masterful at leading parenting groups as she’s deeply passionate about her work as a Parenting Coach and Lead Trainer at The Jai Institute for Parenting.

Linda graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a major in Organizational Behavior from the University of North Texas. She was founder and Vice President of a successful computer service company in Dallas,Texas. Having served clients for over 20 years, she was featured in the book Magnetic Service by Dr. Chip R. Bell.

After having children, Linda found her true calling, became a Certified Parent Coach, founded Turning Point Parenting ( and has joined us now as our Lead Trainer at The Jai Institute for Parenting.

Linda lives in beautiful southern Oregon with her two children.