Parenting Coaching? Just Go For It!

Parenting Coaching? Just Go For It!

Parenting Coaching-

Linda Beneventi’s advice to anyone who is ‘on the fence’ about becoming a Parenting Coach?  She says—‘Just go for it!”

She should know.

Linda has been with the Jai Institute since the beginning.  She is passionate about parenting and parenting coaching and loves the flexible lifestyle it has given her.

Find out why Linda believes that she has become a different human being and found her soul’s purpose in life as a Parent Coach in this video:

Linda Beneventi: So, I’m Linda Beneventi and my website is And I’m also the lead trainer with the Jai Institute for Parenting.

What inspired you to become a Parenting Coach in the first place?

Linda Beneventi: I was completely, utterly passionate about parenting. And so when I first saw some communication from the Jai Institute, I got on a conference call and instantly fell in love with the concept of becoming a parent coach — running my own business, being an entrepreneur. And then also being able to be home with my children, which is obviously why I doing what I’m doing — I’m completely passionate about parenting. I became a different human being. So when the opportunity presented itself I just thought like, “Oh my gosh! This is an absolute perfect fit for me and my family.” And so yes I was in the first Jai Institute parenting training program and I’ve been a parenting coach ever since. And that’s been since 2012 when I finished my training.

How was it when you first started working with clients?  

Linda Beneventi: Yes, working with clients is an amazing, amazing experience. I do consider myself a people person. But when I first starting working clients the closeness and the connection and really delving into parenting – how many opportunities do you have to talk about your parenting? And so it was such a beautiful experience to start working with parents and really allowing them the opportunity to talk about their parenting and then flourish with what they really wanted out of their  relationship with their children. And that could be anything from connection, closeness, mutual respect, setting boundaries with love – firmly but with love — and so it’s just been such an amazing journey to work with all of these people all around the world. So yeah, it’s been an amazing experience. It’s so…it is my soul’s purpose to do parenting coaching. It’s amazing.

So what’s your work day been like that you get to be there for your children?

Linda Beneventi: Yes this is so exciting! I really want to jump up and down right now, but I can’t, so…(laughs). Being with my children it’s been so amazing and also to be able to make a living for my family. I can wake up every morning and send them off to school —  drive them to school because I have to drive them to school – and I’m there to pick them up from school every day. And that’s my dream. That is what I wanted out of this opportunity — to actually work and make a living for my family, but also to be there for my children 100 percent. I love it. I can still volunteer at school with my children and I’m really, really involved. And it just, it warms my heart to actually be able live this life and do this, to be there for my children.

How is (HAS?) being a parenting coach and going through this program shifted the relationship with your children?

Linda Beneventi: I have to say that…and I’ve been thinking about this a lot…I am constantly in the work, obviously. And so as a coach…and I’m coaching weekly…I have clients multiple times during the week and being involved and being steeped in work has been so beautiful for my relationship with my kids. And so my connection to my children…it’s…it’s truly amazing. My daughter, she feels so connected to me. She tells me all the time that she feels like I’m the only one that she can talk to. That we have that…it’s the most beautiful relationship. I do have a son and I have a daughter; my daugther’s 11 and my son is 9 and we are so connected and we’re silly together. And so being steeped in the work every day basically, working with my clients, allows me the opportunity to really be so present with my children all the time, constantly growing with them because I’m constantly in the work. It never leaves me.

What are some results that your clients have experienced?

Linda Beneventi: I love to share this one particular story and I do share it a lot because it is the most dramatic…and I have shared it quite a bit. They were early clients; they had a 7 year old daughter at the time and they really wanted to send her off to boarding school. They just were having so much difficulty with her.  By the time we were finished with the one-on-one coaching…by the time we were finished…they were home schooling their daughter. So that result right there really just speaks to…these people were very, very involved and very consciously ready to change, to make the change to be more connected to their daughter. And they did it. I mean, they completely transformed their home. So I always love to share that story because it’s really such a dramatic situation.

What else has transformed for you in your life since becoming Parenting Coach?

Linda Beneventi: Having this lifestyle, like I mentioned before, to be able to be there  for my kids, but also, I can create my own schedule. I create my own life. I’m the creator of my life because of this. I am very organized and I’m structured. Mondays are usually my planning days; I usually don’t have clients on Mondays and then I do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And I can choose. My time. My schedule. I can choose everything. It’s so amazing. Then again, of course, I’m always there for my children. And so how this has changed for me and transformed my life has just been so significant. Prior to be a parent coach, I was an entreprenuer and I was running a business, but it literally…it almost killed me. I mean it was so intense. The hours I was working. What I was putting in. I had phsyical manifestations of things that were happening to me…that I was working too hard and too long. And before that I was in corporate…the corporate environment. So this has just been such…really, truthfully…such a blessing for me. To be able to be the creator of my life and create my own schedule and be there for my children. That’s how it’s transformed my life, which is absolutely huge.

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to enroll in our Parent Coach Training Program?

Linda Beneventi: I’ve talked to plenty of parent coaches that were talking to me before they came into the program. And I’ve talked to a lot of them since, obviously, who are now having thriving businesses. It’s…if you want to take the leap, if you want to take control and have the choices in your life be made by you. I couldn’t even imagine not doing this. So if you’re on the fence…there’s not any words because the transformations that occurred for myself and my family and my home and then my business and what I bring other families…right?  And if you are on the fence I’ll just say, you definitely need to follow your intuition.  Feel into what’s happening for you. And you know what’s right. For me and for a lot of the other people I’ve spoken with, it was such an amazing choice to take the leap and to take the risk and to go for it. It was beyond worth it. I also want to say, too, that when I took the program and I went through the material and the training and everything, I literally…I could not put a price on this.  I just couldn’t. I mean, afterward, I was just like, this material and the transformation with my children in my home…it’s priceless.

What would you tell someone who wants to transform their family by becoming a Parenting Coach?

Linda Beneventi: Yeah, you know what I say…I say like I was just mentioning…taking a risk…I just say, “Go for it.” Because this is your life. And we’re only here right now in this time-space reality. So just go for it. That’s what I would say.

(This is a re-post…originally published on May 17, 2015.)