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A note from Jolette Jai, Founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting:

Jolette Jai

We all want a deep connection with our kids – one that fuels love, cooperation and mutual respect.

Yet, at times, this is just NOT happening. And we ask ourselves ‘why?’

So, we turn to strategies, books, audios – anything that will give us the TOOLS as parents to succeed or maybe just to COPE.

Yet, the one place that we often fail to turn as parents is inwards.

What we’ve found is that the parents who are able to turn inwards, become present with their own past and the way they were parented, and LET GO of the negative feelings left over from their childhood are able to fully connect with their kids and parent consciously, especially through those tough parenting moments.

Letting Go has been one of the most profound ‘life-changing’ transformational strategies for parents going through our 40 Days to Peaceful Parenting Program. In fact, we dedicate the entire first part of our 40 Days program to ‘Letting Go Of The Way You Were Parented,’ because we know its not about adding MORE to your parenting tool belt…actually, quite the opposite.

And, after parents effectively Let Go of some debilitating emotional patterns from their own childhood, they are able to fully parent with presence, calm, and effectiveness using ALL of the tools from our 40 days program.

So when I heard about the Letting Go Project that our wonderful friend Sheree Keys created, I knew that this was a match made in heaven. We are delighted to bring these two programs together for you to bring your life AND your parenting to a whole new level.



Do You Struggle With Letting The Past Go?

Of course you do… we all do. We let negativity, guilt, unhealthy relationships and much more rule our lives. It isn’t your fault though. Until the last decade… most people in our society were not taught how to use their body tools to manage our daily emotional states. And because our emotional states have pretty much run amuck in response to the increasing daily stress in our society… our nervous systems are frayed and exhausted.

The Letting Go Project

In the Letting Go Project, we teach you how to use your “body tools” to let go of the hold “your life experiences” have had on you. Our participants are feeling completely changed in just one or two lessons!

Essentially, we are going back to the basics and teaching you ancient strategies that really work. They’ve worked for centuries. They are simple and easy too. You just have to join and decide it is time to Let Go…

Sheri Keys and Sheldon GinsbergHere’s what you get in The Letting Go Project:

1. 10 Weekly PDF Letting Go Lessons.

137423461733334083Each week (10 weeks of lessons plus an intro and wrap up) you will receive an email with lessons that you can apply to different areas of your life. Personal and professional. And if you own a business, like us…these lessons will be the foundation for spiritually clean mindsets that will manage all the mechanics and marketing you are being taught elsewhere. You can print these emails out along with the exercises and put them in a binder.

Some of the emails will contain stories, insights, systems, tools, and links to videos and books and resources I know will help you. We’ve been blessed to meet the most amazing people along our success journey and we want to share them with you.

2. Audio Recordings of the Weekly Letting Go Lessons.


In addition to the weekly emails, you will also receive a link to the audio recording where Sheri & Sheldon will be teaching you and holding the space for you via prerecorded lessons.


3. Private Facebook Group.


A private Facebook group for The Letting Go Project where you can network and get to know each other as well as empower each other. By the way…if you sign up now, you can go ahead and start networking in the Facebook group right away and send us questions related to any of the lesson topics in advance and we will include them in the program.


Are you ready to shift your parenting experience

– to one of enjoyment and connection?

There IS a better way to parent. You can raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy.

And you don’t have to resort to yelling, punishing, or threatening.

Or turn a blind eye to unacceptable behavior.

40 Days to Peaceful Parenting Program

What’s the secret to peaceful parenting?

  1. There is actually brain science behind why we parent the way we do. And most parenting guides NEVER talk about it. Know HOW this works, use it in your favor, and you will create the optimal environment for your child’s brain development. And your kids will naturally respond.
  2. There’s also an art to this new way of parenting. When you access empathy and use a new way of talking with your kids, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in their behavior… a decrease in your frustration level… AND encourage your kids’ emotional intelligence and thoughtful decision-making.

The 40 Days to Peaceful Parenting program is a comprehensive course designed to give you ALL of the tools and shifts that you need to embrace this revolutionary and scientific parenting approach.

Here’s what you get in 40 Days to Peaceful Parenting:


Eight comprehensive parenting classes that start with “Letting Go of the Way You Were Parented” and then move on to topics like “Empowered Conversations” and “Setting Limits That Stick. Peacefully.”Each class is downloadable so that you can listen again as you and your child change and grow.



Daily meditations to connect to your intention, values and peace of mind.These downloadable recordings will assist you in recognizing any limiting beliefs that you’ve been holding onto from your childhood and give you the ability to shift them into new empowering beliefs.



Access to our private online group of parents that are in the 40 Days to Peaceful Parenting program. This group is moderated by one of our certified parenting coaches, so you can receive the support that you need to create a whole new level of peace and connection in your home.



A complimentary 30-minute parenting assessment with one of our certified coaches. We know every child and every family are different and we want to makes sure that you get the advice that will allow you to make the changes you desire in your family.



For a limited time, these two programs

are available together, for a very special price.


Because we want the best for YOU and your CHILD. We don’t believe that “not bad” is good enough. We want you to love your life and love the experience of parenting.

And we know that if you take both of these programs, in 10 weeks you are going to experience:

  • Peace and calm in your home.
  • A feeling of connection and satisfaction with every aspect of your life.
  • The ability to communicate your truth to your kids and to the other important people in your life.
  • Children who listen, are caring and know that what you’ve achieved is possible for them too.

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When you do you will receive BOTH programs!

All TEN classes of The Letting Go Project….

All EIGHT parenting classes….

Supporting meditations and exercises…

Completely downloadable so that you can go at your own pace.

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