Jessica Alba-The “Honest” Mom

Jessica Alba-The “Honest” Mom


SCULPTURE _ ARTThis is the story of how one Mom with a simple wish to combine her kids with career has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

She has managed to create a company worth millions—all while working from home.

Jessica Alba.

Best known for her movie star status, Alba is really a model for all of us who want to succeed professionally without ever losing sight of what is most important to us—our kids.

Jessica’s story…

Jessica didn’t set out to make the cover of Forbes Magazine when she created her line of Honest products.

All she set out to do was protect her kids from household chemicals like the ones that had made her sick as a child.

Alba grew up with asthma that made her susceptible to pneumonia. She had terrible allergies. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be hospitalized twice a year. She often spent two weeks or more trying to recover.

When she was pregnant with her first child, her family and friends threw a baby shower where she received – among other things – piles and piles of onesies. Though her mother advised her to prewash them in baby detergent, she used a mainstream brand.

And broke out in hives.

There was no way Jessica was going to put her own child through what she had suffered growing up. So she stayed up late nights, researching not just detergents, but everything in every bottle in every cupboard in her house.

What she found shocked and terrified her: dangerous chemicals were everywhere, in everything. From household cleaners to the mattresses they slept on, her family was exposed to formaldehyde, petrochemicals, flame retardants and a host of other chemicals simply labeled “fragrance”.

She looked for baby-safe products like diapers and soaps, but there was nothing on the market “for a young mom like me.”

So she decided to fill the need, not just for her, but for every mom like her.

Alba didn’t make her products to be obscure, expensive things you can only get at health food boutique stores. She partnered with Target to make Honest available to everyone.

Now the Golden Globe-nominated actress offers over 160 home-friendly products. A California native, Alba comes from modest beginnings and loves to share her good fortune with others. She is actively involved with charities such as Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, ONE, Habitat for Humanity, Project HOME and more.

Despite her successes, being Mom is still her favorite role

Though Alba is still a much sought-after actress and the Honest Company is poised to make over $250 million this year, she cherishes one role over any other: Mom. “Being a mom is the most profound experience I’ve ever had,” she says.

The mother of two young daughters (Honor and Haven), Jessica says, “When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been,” she says. “It’s the most satisfying job in the world. But it can also be overwhelming and confusing.”

So how does she do it?

Alba says she’s like anyone else: trying her best and winging it a lot. And she says that she does “check in” with herself and her kids to make sure there’s balance.
“I just pray that my kids are happy. If they’re giggling more than they’re crying, and if they’re curious and talkative, then I know they’re good. And if that ever stops, and if I see that there’s a problem, then I stop everything and focus on that. That’s my litmus test on whether I’m extending myself too much or spreading myself too thin.”

What She Wants For Her Kids

The actress/entrepreneur doesn’t have crazy huge dreams for her daughters such as following in their mom’s famous footsteps. Like all of us, Jessica just wants to get the parenting thing right. “I just want them to be kind. I actually care about that more than anything,” she says. “And have empathy. And compassion. Have a bigger perspective. That, more than anything, is the most important thing for our kids.”
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