From Fear to Fulfillment: Becoming a Parenting Coach

From Fear to Fulfillment: Becoming a Parenting Coach

If you are curious about what it would be like to be a parenting coach, you need to talk to Kristen Watts.  In a recent interview together, she almost had me in tears (good ones!) as she described the transformation that has taken place in her life since becoming a parenting coach.

Through becoming a Parenting Coach, Kristen has felt a life-changing transformation. She has:

  • Moved from fear to fulfillment
  • Enjoyed deep empowerment in many facets of her life
  • Resolved many of her own tumultuous childhood issues
  • Gained a true life balance from being in charge of her own schedule to understanding that while helping other parents she nurtures the relationship she has with her own kids.

Kristen also talks about how the market and potential once you are a Parenting Coach is limitless.

Watch her video to hear more:

Kristen Watts: Hey, my name is Kristen Watts and I am a parenting success coach but I am also a holistic wellness coach. So I have a company called the Core Root Institute for Change that houses health and wellness, mindfulness, parenting and body image. And so I’ve taken all of these wonderful topics and things that I have dealt with personally and that woman deal with and created a place where we work through all of these things together for a total transformation.

How Did You Decide To Incorporate Parent Coaching Into Your Work As A Coach?

Kristen Watts: In my own personal evolution, the health and wellness piece was really important to me because I was struggling and I was suffering so deeply with that and I overcame that. And I studied it — the body image — and I was overcoming all of these things and there was this once piece of me that was keeping me up at night. It was I was absolutely parenting out of fear. Fear that I was doing something wrong and I just knew it was huge. It was causing me unnecessary suffering and I did not know how to fix it — or rather make it rest — and I didn’t want to live in fear anymore. I was doing all these other things — creating this amazing evolution for myself and improved self-development — and I believe that’s when I called and I sent you a message about 3 o’clock in the morning one of those nights. I had been watching the Jai Institute and taking tidbits here and there and trying to implement them and I just knew that there was so much work I needed to do from my childhood and from deep down that I had to have help. I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone to guide me and that’s where I just decided absolutely to go and do this piece as well.  And it was life-changing.

How has your parenting transformed as a result of your Parent Coach Training Program?

Kristen Watts: Yes, it has not only transformed my parenting it has transformed every aspect of my life. It has just really helped me come full circle because I see with new eyes now.  I have this deep understanding and I am okay, I don’t have to do this perfect. And they’re children. I don’t have to control them. I think that was a huge thing for me as I felt like, “Oh! My Gosh I need to control them and make them act in a certain way because otherwise that was a reflection on me.” And so this whole program allowed me to just relax into myself. And get curious and understand and know that these dynamic relationships, whether it’s with my children or my husband. And now even with my clients that I work with in all different phases — this particular program that I did with parenting is using compassionate listening. And really understanding, empathically, where the other person is coming from and the different types of conversations. Just really getting curious about another person, whether it’s a child or an adult, has changed everything for me. The peace in our home is — it does not mean that (yes, we are quiet) we’re not quiet and peaceful all the time — by all means, we’re still loud and boisterous.  We still have wonderful glorious challenges and arguments but we understand each other and we can all come to one another when we’ve made a mistake and say, “Hey, I’ve made a mistake I’d like to start over and this is what was going on.” And just the communication is unreal.  That’s what the most beautiful thing is and my communication with everyone around me. Just I am, I am truly at peace in my heart. I am just not suffering because I don’t know what I am doing. And that was what the biggest struggle was for me.

What’s It Like To Help Other Parents Now As A Parenting Coach?

Kristen Watts: It is so empowering in a way that I didn’t know it was possible for myself. I have always had a very close relationship with my parents. But as an only child it was very tumultuous. And so my idea of childhood was all about struggle a lot, struggling in relationships and I was really paralyzed to think that I would have to do that twice or do that over again with my daughter. And now that I know that it’s not going to turn out that way. I could work with other parents and let them know, Guess what? I don’t do this thing perfectly either. No one does and that’s not the goal. The goal is to do it differently and to do it so that you and your partner and your family and your children- you are doing this together where you are both growing. It’s personal development for children, for you as a parent.   It’s this most amazing empowering thing for me because I thought that parenting was going to be like the biggest struggle of my whole life. And now here I am, people are coming to me and thanking me and I literally get texts or emails from the people that I’ve worked with saying, “This happened today and Oh! Thank you so much, I figured this out on my own.” And I mean it’s just really yes, I think empowering is the only word that keeps coming out for me personally because it was something that I thought I wasn’t  going to do very well. And here I am showing other people the way to do it in this beautiful easy way and connecting. It’s just a dream come true for me. It’s really tied everything that I ever wanted in my life….it’s just pulling it all together.

Is Parent Coaching As An Industry An Open Market With Potential?

Kristen Watts: Absolutely, the entire world is open. It is huge, it’s a huge market let me tell you because the tools that we use in this parenting coaching thing, it applies to everything. It really applies to all of relationships and people are really starting to realize…I think collectively we are starting to understand that everything needs a shift; everything needs a change around. Like what we are doing before isn’t necessarily working and our children are telling us that there needs to be a change.  And I don’t know about other people but let me tell you when I was using dominant type of parenting with my child when she was young; she would look right at me and be like, “Oh! No you don’t Momma”. I mean she was just like “uh-uh” (no!), and so I was like God that doesn’t work. What my parents did to me is not working with my children. It’s making me feel horrible it’s making me feel guilty and then this what I use now, the tools that I use now it works so beautifully!  Everybody can use these tools, no matter where you are in the paradigm in the whole spectrum of a paradigm of parenting these tools work. So if you are a parent you could take this and it would change and shift your life in some way no matter what!  This market is NOT saturated.   This is ours to run with. There are just so many avenues that you can do this, you can use it with the teachers and I am starting a class with my teachers at my child’s school the next year. I am starting a class with the students just to teach them the language of feelings and needs.  A half hour class once a week. Just to teach the little ones so that they can take it home and show their parents. The avenues are just unlimited as to where we can go with this work.

The Parenting CoachSo How Does Being A Parent Coach Contribute To Your Work Life Balance As A Parent?

Kristen Watts: Absolutely, well first of all being able to be in charge of your own business and your own schedule and just making your work life work around you. You are not working around someone else. I mean that, in and of itself, is what allows you to balance it so when it becomes too much you back off. When you have some extra time, you increase your work load. But the beautiful part is every single time you are working with another parent. You are deepening your own practice. Sometimes we forget, I mean even though I’ve been through these things a hundred times, sometimes just coaching someone else through it will allow me to make a shift again with my own child. So it’s just this constant, beautiful flow going back and forth of the work and it doesn’t seem like work to me, to me it’s just personal development that I get paid for now.

And not only do I get paid for it, but it absolutely stimulates and, you know, just makes me feel good about what I am doing in my and its helping my children. So it’s just to me it’s this big blend of all of it, it’s not work that whole life. It’s all of it together, it’s one, it’s just becoming, and it’s a total different experience for me. I was in the corporate world for a very long time and so this coaching has changed my life, because yes, I coach now what I needed help with. And I went and made those huge shifts in my own life and now I show other people what to do and how to do that. Because there are only a certain amount of people that are going to really be drawn to what I can offer — exactly what I can offer — because my guests are unique and that’s who I am calling in now.

What Was It Like For You To Be With Other Parents Going Through Your Parent Coach Training Program Together?

Kristen Watts: It was so lovely, because you learn through other people’s stories. It really helps engrave what you are learning. It helps to know that when you are struggling with something and you, you know you are not the only one everyone has a struggle and maybe it’s not exactly like yours but I know, for me, I would often tend to think, you know, “Oh my circumstances are worse and nobody would be able to understand that.” Well, that’s not true at all. I have my work friends now and often I call there’s a couple of women that were at the program with me that I will just call say, hey I need bounce something off, of you. Can you support me in this? I’ve never met them, I’ve never seen them. I hold them dear to my heart like they are people that I’ve known my whole life. So the support is unbelievable. So you are never, not learning you got this continuous group of other wonderful people that have been through the same thing that you have and it’s just a continuous support. It’s fantastic; the group setting is. I highly recommend it.

What Kind Of Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is On The Fence About Becoming A Parenting Coach?

Kristen Watts: I would ask you, “What does is it worth to you? How much of a dollar amount could you put on creating absolute happiness, peace and joy and understanding and developing what’s better for your family?” So I would say, “Do it.” I was so on the fence that took me a really long time to decide to do it. It’s life changing. You will not regret it there is no value that you have possibly placed of whether or not this is worth it. It is absolutely worth it. Do it. Do it for sure.

(This is a re-post…originally published on May 16, 2015.)