For Parents Only: Your Summer To Do List

For Parents Only: Your Summer To Do List

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When we look back at our childhood, some of our most awesome memories are from summer.

We all remember the afternoons splashing around the pool, packing our suitcases for family trips, the ice cream and treats, and the never-waning sun.

And this summer, you finally have the chance to create beautiful memories for your own children.

Maybe you’ve got a vacation planned out with the whole family. Maybe you’ve got a giant list of crafts that you want to teach your kids. Or maybe they’re off to camp to learn how to meet a whole new batch of friends and learn new skills.

There are always so many exciting summer options for our kids!

But just because youre now a parent, doesnt mean this summer has to be ANY less special for YOU.

So how can we make these next few months great?

In honor of YOU and YOUR fabulous summer months, I created this list:

Top Ten Things to Rock YOUR Summer as A Parent

  1. Day off from everything: Take an entire 24 hours off to play with your child/children. But there’s a catch: no screens of any kind! That means no one stares at their phones, TVs, tablets or computers. Take the kids the park or the zoo (or both!). If it’s raining, play cards or break those old board games out of storage. If you want some extra ideas on how to re-create the same memories you had as a child for your own children, check out this list for 10 old-school summer activities.

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  1. Girls Night & Boys Nights Out:  Friends are the spice of life. You now have full permission to go out with your girlfriends at night (or guy friends!). All is possible with the help of a babysitter. Just like I did last week when a girlfriend and I took all of our kids collectively (plus babysitter!) to a fun-filled night by the ocean complete with sushi and wine.
  2. For Moms AND Dads: Spend some time together alone. Find a babysitter and enjoy a ‘date night’. Try to do it every single week.
  3. Outrageously pamper yourself: I invite you to think big when it comes to pampering. What could you do all day that energizes you? Go ahead. Be epic. Bike, hike, yoga yourself, or spend the entire day at the spa.
  4. Get outside your comfort zone: Try one thing this summer that scares you. Skydive. Bike race. Body surf. It doesn’t matter as long as it makes your heart race a bit, then it is completely outside of your comfort zone (and you will know when it is!)
  5. Heal your body with touch: Lie down, let go and have some shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, or acupressure massage. Just your time this summer to breathe, clear your mind, and center yourself.
  6. Sleep in: I know this may sound crazy and utterly impossible but trust me, I know you can FIND A WAY. Get creative. There’s nothing like sleeping in during the summer.
  7. Forgive someone: Forgiveness can set you free. Treat yourself to some inner work. When you forgive someone, you release all the negative energy you’ve been storing up against that person. You’ll feel as light as the evening summer breeze.
  8. Clean out your closets: Everyone seems to save this activity for spring, but I think summer is the perfect time to get all the clothes, shoes and dust bunnies out of the closet. Clear it all out. If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away, donate it to charity, or toss it. It’s time to make space for the new!
  9. Create vision boards: Our parenting coaches who have been on retreat with me to Italy or Costa Rica know that this is easily my favorite! Want to bring into being the things you really want out of life? All you need is a vision boards. And while you’re making yours, your kids can make one too. Photos, words and cutouts from magazines….it’s all fair game to represent everything each of you wants for yourselves and your family in the upcoming year. During our retreat, one of our greatest days was huddled under a tree full of monkeys on a Costa Rican beach making vision boards about all of our new, burgeoning life manifestations.

And one last ‘bonus’ activity?   Why not consider taking a new direction with your career? Check this out and find out how you can experience the freedom of summertime all the time.

I encourage you to rock it this summer and savor each moment with the same vigor that your child does.

Let’s make Summer 2015 your time!

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P.S. Want some extra inspiration like the photo above? Check out this list of “37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer” (courtesy of Buzzfeed). Maybe it’s time to make some water balloon piñatas or your very own mini gold course?