Attention Moms: How To Connect With Your Teenager In One Easy Step

Attention Moms: How To Connect With Your Teenager In One Easy Step

Attention- Moms

Have you ever felt like you just weren’t connecting?

To yourself?

To your kids?

Particularly your teenage kids?

That’s exactly the situation Mimi found herself when she first came to the Jai Institute.

For starters, her relationship with her eldest teenage daughter was slipping out of control.

They loved each other but they just could NOT communicate.

It was a constant power struggle.

Mimi felt lost and vulnerable, ill-equipped to create the connections she wanted. And of course therefore unable to teach her daughters to connect either.

But that was then.

And this is now.

Today, Mimi’s life has completely transformed.

Listen to her story.

I think it will really inspire you:

Mimi: Hi my name is Mimi and I am from Centennial State Colorado.

What inspired you to become a parenting coach in the first place?

Mimi: So I was thinking of self help and tracing out what I wanted to do professionally after having children getting back into the work play and my background is art and my history of work it wasn’t’ working for me but I really wanted to do was something relating to my children. And I noticed all around me parents struggling to connect with their children and a sort of parenting style that wasn’t working everywhere I turned and myself included. My own relationship with my teenager was deteriorating and I didn’t have the tools to even know how to improve our communication. I felt like it was like a constant power struggle with her and it was reflecting on our family. I just really, really wanted a lasting loving relationship with my children. And so I day I kind of led to the Jai Institute and it was the perfect thing.

What have been some results you have noticed in your parenting with your daughter since coming into this program?

Mimi: Yes there are so many instances transformed I feel so connected to my children I have 3 daughters ages 14 almost 12 and 8 year old. And I feel like so connected with them it’s like I never really felt before and especially when I dealt with my oldest daughter my teenager. Before this course we were hardly communicating it so hard to think of the years that we lost. Immediately when we connected with each other she was going through all the stuff that teenage girls go through and I didn’t know how to talk to her and to maintain her relationship and continue build our relationship and I was focussed on really stupid little things all the petty stuff now I am thinking about the bigger picture and a long term relationship. And now after really taking on this course we are communicating again it’s then been a lot of work but it’s so worth it. Me in a sort of colonial way we text she texts me now and really talks for a very long time via text but the identification of her back open a chest pain that I think faded away and the connection you know there is always been love but there hasn’t been the connection that I was so really, really yearning for.

How has this program helped your life/work balance?

Mimi: Ah it’s so perfect my children are my number one priority my husband and family and I cannot see me going back to the busy world and have a 9 to 5 job like I did in 20’s which is great but I like won’t do that anymore. I wanted to be able to pick them up from school and observe every field trip that they were involved in their lives and every soccer game, carol recital and I don’t want to miss any of that because you don’t get that time back. They are only 14, 12, and 8 so 10, 7, 5, 1 so this is kind of perfect because I can work when I can work I can work when I want to work I work when I make my own schedule exactly how I want it and be available because that’s the whole reason I am doing this it’s for them and to help other families to find the same joy and fulfilment that we are finding now.

Do you feel there are a lot of possibilities in the parenting coach industry?

Mimi: Well it’s amazing I mean I was freed when I first spoke about going through this course going through the coaching training I was kind of how am I going to find clients who are going to be my clients, where are they going to come from I am not sure if I want to do this. And now I am worried how am I going to have time to help all these clients because the minute I finished the course I had people all around me and I talked about what I am doing and everyone is interested, everyone can use help even if they are not struggling completely but I think everyone wants to connect with their children. And I’m going to share that professional literacy, professional intelligence and you know the practice you need you know people are understanding this more and more. And so when I talk about it they are like yes that one makes sense. And so I see it as it’s such a huge opportunity it’s an opportunity for myself you know as a career and it’s a huge opportunity for like its simple huge opportunity for our society for our world to really shift into these effort of parenting there is such a need out there and we can’t get all of it. So parenting coaches are all over that are training in your Institute are able to fill in Great job.

If someone is on the fence right now about joining the program, what would you say to them?

Mimi: Yes I would say the time is now if you any in fact feeling at all a tiniest this is something that you can really develop and you should jump into it right away use every minute that you like let it go you lost with your children. You will not get the time back so the time is now the time is yesterday to embark on this work don’t hesitate.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Mimi: No, I would just say that I am so filled with gratitude that this path was right in front of me and I was really fortunate to recognize that this was something that I should do right away. And it’s changed my life its changed families life and it continues too every day is not perfect but I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I hope that many other people will be as fortunate as me and my family have been and feel and experience this transformation.

(This is a re-post…originally published on May 29, 2015.)