A Bit Personal….

It’s not something that many people would wish for.

I remember when the wish first started….sunrise

I was on the phone with a client and realized all at once that I was packed for the rest of the day with only five minute breaks in between….

And I thought to myself, what if I could multiply myself?

All I could see everywhere was this intense need for this connecting, transformative work in families where moms, dads and kids were having breakthroughs in their communication, happiness, connection, and ability to express themselves with each other and in the ‘world’.

And all I knew at the time was that I was just this one person. How could I really effect THAT kind of change and leave this world a better place?

AND…..honestly, I was becoming tired with a huge client flow….

So, my wish to multiply myself was born.

I shared my wish with a few people (actually, back then, I probably talked about it with anyone who would listen), and one of my dearest clients came to me during this time asking for me to train her in what I do. (funny how the Universe works sometimes).

So, I did.

And the wish began to take some kind of form. (and I absolutely LOVED our training sessions together)

Then, a most wonderful event happened : I had a conversation with my awesome now-partner, Kiva Leatherman, and we decided together to do something about this wish.

We got into action immediately to see who else wanted to be trained to have a thriving business as a Parenting Coach, along with Kiva’s expertise as a business coach.

Turned out that there were many people who wanted this. Who knew?

So, we began training all of these amazing, courageous and soulful women who held a vision in their hearts as well for peace and deep connection within families.

I’m sharing all of this with you because:

I want you to know that whatever you are wishing now, you have the unique ability to make this happen for yourself.
Never give up on your wishes.
I believe that your children are watching you as ‘dreammakers’, bringing your own dreams into reality so that they know how to do the same.

So, this whole past week, something extraordinary happened.

I got to actually meet two of the most amazing people in person.

The first was one of our first Parenting Coaches who we trained in that first group way back when and the second was my dear client who was the first person I ever trained to be a Parenting Coach (the one who was the first to answer my wish!)

I know that you may be thinking, ‘what’s the big deal? Hadn’t you met these two before? I mean, you did train them, after all?’

And, here’s the wild part of the story.

I had trained them both virtually, over the phone so we never did actually meet in person until this past week!

And, the experience changed me.

I’ll be sharing exactly how it changed me in an upcoming email, but for now, let’s just say it blew my mind.

Be blessed,